Download SysGauge 8.2.36 Pro / Ultimate / Server Free Download

Free Download SysGauge 8.2.36 Pro / Ultimate / Server Free Download

SysGauge Pro Free Download

SysGauge Pro is a system and performance monitoring utility that monitors CPU usage, memory usage, network transfer rate, operating system performance, status and resource usage of running processes, file system performance, USB performance, disk space usage, disk read activity, disk write activity, disk read transfer rate, disk write transfer rate, disk read IOPS, and disk write IOPS for individual logical volumes or for all physical volumes installed in the computer.

Features of SysGauge Ultimate Full Download

SysGauge system status monitor
The SysGauge GUI application offers a single, customizable GUI module and a number of dedicated GUI modules specially designed for each specific surveillance task, e.g. B. System status monitoring, CPU monitoring, memory monitoring, process monitoring, system status analysis, hard drive monitoring, NAS server monitoring and network monitoring. The monitor selector, located on the left side of the SysGauge GUI application, allows you to add, edit and delete certain monitoring GUI modules.

SysGauge Customizable system monitor
The SysGauge system monitoring utility provides a large number of different types of performance monitoring, system resource monitoring, and operating system status monitoring counters, and allows you to choose which counters to monitor. In addition, users can specify how to view the performance monitoring results and how long to keep the results history.

Add SysGauge performance monitoring counters
In addition to the ability to monitor the local computer, SysGauge server version allows you to connect to remote computers and monitor CPU usage, memory usage, network transfer rate, disk space usage and hard drive activity over the network. The user has the option of specifying the name or IP address of the remote computer to be connected to, selecting the types of system counters to be monitored, and specifying how the system monitoring results will be displayed.

Save SysGauge system monitoring report
One of the most useful features of the SysGauge performance monitoring utility is the ability to save performance monitoring reports in a number of standard formats including HTML, PDF, Excel, text, CSV, and XML. To save a performance monitoring report, click the Save button on the main toolbar, select an appropriate report format, enter a name for the report file, and click the Save button.

SysGauge Ultimate Edition Full Download

SysGauge PDF performance monitoring report
For example, a SysGauge PDF performance monitoring report begins with a summary table showing the date and time of the report, the name of the computer being monitored, and the name of the user who saved the performance monitoring report. The summary table is followed by a list of performance counters with the average, minimum, and maximum values ​​for all performance monitoring counters. The list of counters is followed by a list of line graphs that show performance monitoring data for all counters. Finally, the list of line graphs is followed by a list of tables showing the full history of monitoring results for all meters.

SysGauge command line utility
In addition to the GUI application, SysGauge Ultimate includes a command line utility that allows you to perform various types of system monitoring operations from batch files and shell scripts. The SysGauge command line utility is located in the product bin directory and can be used to perform monitoring operations, store system monitoring reports, and manage system monitoring profiles.

SysGauge command line utility
In the simplest case, open a command prompt window, change to the SysGauge ‘bin’ directory and enter the following command:

sysgauge -monitor -save_html_report
The SysGauge command line utility starts the default health monitoring profile and continues monitoring for the user-defined time period specified with the -time command line option or until the ECS keyboard key is pressed.

SysGauge system monitor HTML report
After the monitoring process is complete, the SysGauge command line utility saves a system monitoring report file according to the custom report format. In addition to the local monitoring operations, the command line utility enables monitoring of remote servers over the network
with the -host command line option.

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Title: SysGauge 8.2.36 Edition: Pro, Ultimate, Server
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License: Shareware
Language: English
Operating system: Windows

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