Download Spybot Anti-Beacon for Windows 3.8 Free Download

Free Download Spybot Anti-Beacon for Windows 3.8 Free Download

Spybot Anti-Beacon for Windows Free Download

Spybot Anti-Beacon for Windows is a small utility designed to block and stop the various tracking problems (also known as telemetry) that come with Windows.

Select the options you want and review the changes before applying the changes

  • No installation is required when using Spybot Anti-Beacon. So just double-click the executable to launch it. It’s very simple to use, and no restore point is created automatically, although it is recommended that you create one beforehand just to be on the safe side.
  • There are several settings that Spybot Anti-Beacon can manipulate. There are checkboxes to select the ones you want, but they won’t be visible unless you choose Show Options. So don’t think that Spybot Anti-Beacon will do all or nothing and be satisfied with the default list of settings as you are free to choose which ones to apply.
  • In addition, Spybot Anti-Beacon displays brief explanations of the registry keys, tasks, or services that each option changes. That way you know exactly what you are doing. There is a universal Undo button so you can undo changes at any time.

Block group policy for telemetry and other tracking options

  • Spybot Anti-Beacon can block telemetry-related hosts and services, restrict the telemetry group policy, and automatically block apps that use the advertising ID. In addition, it can manipulate other group policies such as CEIP (Consmer Experience Improvement Program), AIT (Application Impact Telemetry), Steps Recorder Group Policy or WiFi Sense in order to prevent data collection without the consent of the user.
  • Optional settings allow you to turn off web search and Cortana, remove OneDrive, and block the remote registration service. For these you can choose the settings to apply with undo options for each.

A long way to go to ensure complete data protection

  • Spybot Anti-Beacon is a new attempt to meet the privacy goal when using Windows 10 by providing a quick and easy way to disable telemetry services, configure group policies and block hosts.
  • However, there is still room for improvement to meet user demands. At the moment there are competing applications that can do more. For example, it would be great if the application turned off apps’ access to wireless connections, blocked location access and services, turned off Windows automatic updates, or turned off feedback reminders.

Features of Spybot Anti-Beacon for Windows Free download

Spybot Anti-Beacon for Windows disables the following:
• Telemetry hosts
• Telemetry services
• Customer Experience Improvement Program
• Application Impact Telemetry
• Steps Recorder Wi-Fi Sense
• Apps with advertising ID
• P2P Windows updates outside the local network.

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Title: Spybot Anti-Beacon for Windows 3.8
Developer: Safer Networking Limited
License: Freeware
Language: English
Operating system: Windows

Download Spybot Anti-Beacon for Windows PC

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